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 / 06.27.18

East 1st Avenue is closed

The FortisBC Gas Line Upgrades project is currently underway in Vancouver and Burnaby. Our goal is to complete the work safely, and as quickly as possible. The best way to do that is to close lanes on a number of busy roads. That’s why we’re closing East 1st Avenue in Vancouver completely between Nanaimo Street and Clark Drive from July 3 to August 31, 2018.

We understand this closure will create traffic delays, and you’ll need to find a new route to work or to your favourite shops and stores. While it may take you longer to get where you’re going, all of the businesses along the construction route are open.

We’re making these improvements to our system throughout 2018 and 2019 because of our commitment to our customers. We’re making sure we can continue to meet their natural gas needs now—and into the future.

Why we’re closing East 1st Avenue

We looked at a number of routes and considered many factors when we were deciding which route our gas line upgrade should follow, and whether or not a full closure was necessary. Our top priority was the safety of our crew and the general public, and by fully closing the road in this area, it provides us with a wide enough workspace for our crews to work safely. Other reasons why we chose East 1st Avenue over other residential route options include minimizing impacts to trees, residential parking and access. East 1st Avenue

Everyone associated with this project is committed to getting the work done safely and as efficiently as possible. Closing 1st Avenue completely for July and August is the safest option for our crew, and helps to minimize construction time and inconvenience for residents and commuters.

Art Kanzaki Project Director

Commercial Drive remains open

We use two main construction methods on the project: open cut and trenchless construction. Most of the work will be done using open cut (or traditional trench) construction, which involves digging an open trench and laying the gas line into it.

We recognize that keeping major arterial roads open throughout construction will help you get to where you need to go. That’s why we’re using underground, or trenchless, construction to keep major intersections such as East 1st Avenue and Commercial Drive open. We’ll bore a tunnel under the intersection and push the gas line through.

Trenchless technology allows us to install the gas line with reduced impacts to nearby property owners, and commuters.

John Quinn Engineering Supervisor

Business as usual

While you may need to access them differently, your favourite shops and stores along the route are all open during construction. We’re supporting local businesses by working with them one-on-one to address their concerns, and reminding the local communities and neighbourhoods that they will remain open. We’re also featuring local businesses in our regular newsletters and on the project’s community webpage. Our team will also be out at several community events this summer, many of which are hosted at local businesses to help raise awareness of why the project is necessary and answer your questions. Commercial Drive

We’re out in the community, talking to businesses along the construction route, keeping them updated as the project progresses. We’re doing everything we can to minimize the impact on businesses along the construction route.

Gord Schoberg Senior Manager, Municipal and Indigenous Relations, Community Relations

What alternative will you choose to adjust your route around the Vancouver to Coquitlam gas line upgrade?

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What alternative will you choose to adjust your route around the Vancouver to Coquitlam gas line upgrade?