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 / 03.21.18

FortisBC Gas Line Upgrades project gets underway

FortisBC’s Vancouver to Coquitlam gas line has been reliably serving our customers since the 1950s. But the time has come to replace this infrastructure. Construction in Vancouver is scheduled for this spring and there are a few things you should know before we get to work.

Our gas line travels along some of the Lower Mainland’s busiest traffic routes. Once construction begins, we’ll have to close lanes to traffic, including a full closure of East 1st Avenue from from July 3-August 31, 2018, and ongoing lane closures throughout the project. We realize this will cause significant disruption, and we appreciate the patience of our neighbours and commuters as they adapt their routines to our work. We will keep the community informed about where we’re working throughout the project.

FortisBC is committed to minimizing the impact of our project as much as we can while also working as quickly and safely as possible to complete this important safety upgrade.

Improving our system

We’re investing in a newer, stronger steel gas line from Vancouver to Coquitlam. This will ensure safe and reliable natural gas delivery to our 210,000 customers in the area for many years.

Safety is at the core of the work we do every day. This gas line has been in service since the late 1950s and by improving our system we can meet the needs of our customers today and into the future.

Melanie Kilpatrick Project Manager, FortisBC

Traffic disruptions

East 1st Avenue will see ongoing lane closures and a full closure from  from July 3-August 31, 2018, but businesses will remain open. We recognize that this will disrupt a lot of commuters. To help you adapt your commute, we’ll have roadside signs, post regular updates on our project page and share the latest details with traffic media.

Vancouver route map


There will be congestion, but what’s important to know is that these closures will make the project safer for our workers and the public. Planning ahead before you commute and staying patient while driving will go a long way to keeping traffic flowing safely.

Joe DiPlacito Permitting and Traffic Manager, WorleyParsons

Working with our neighbours

We’ve been preparing for this project for several years, while keeping the community informed all along the way. Once we’ve connected with a property owner we build the relationship and stay in touch. We provide project updates and let them know about the next phase of our work.

We want to ensure that the project is carried out in a safe manner and what that means is really earning the trust of the people we come into contact with.

Chris Coady Manager, Property Services FortisBC

What alternative will you choose to adjust your route around the Vancouver to Coquitlam gas line upgrade?

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What alternative will you choose to adjust your route around the Vancouver to Coquitlam gas line upgrade?