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 / 05.01.17

Is Vancouver banning the use of natural gas?

As of May 1, any low-rise buildings within Vancouver that require rezoning will have to reduce emissions by 56 per cent, and high-rises by up to 70 per cent. We believe that this policy and others implemented by the City of Vancouver will effectively ban natural gas in the city. Learn more about how this could impact you.

What does this mean for my home?

We provide electricity, natural gas and district energy systems across BC, so we have a firm understanding of what impacts utility bills – and the proposed policies by the City of Vancouver will result in higher utility bills. Our calculations show that these policies will cost residents between $250 and $1,400 per year in higher utility bills, depending on the size and type of their home.

Natural gas is a clean and efficient energy source, and it’s also very cost effective. It’s about one third the price of electricity, so the policy from the City of Vancouver will drive up the cost for our consumers.

Jason Wolfe Director of Energy Solutions, FortisBC

Gather round the fireplace? Not quite.

Natural gas fireplaces are not permitted in new low-rise and high-rise buildings – yet very few customers are aware of the restrictions and upcoming changes.

For a retailer like CampbellCare Plumbing, Heating & Air, which specializes in the installation and retrofit of a wide range of gas and electric fireplaces, fireplace installation and maintenance represent about 20 per cent of their business. As both consumers of natural gas and retailers of natural gas products, they feel that these changes were made without proper consultation.

The City of Vancouver is telling us how to heat our homes, cook our food and enjoy our leisure time – and it’s pretty disappointing that this was done without any real consultative process.

Jane Campbell General Manager, CampbellCare Plumbing, Heating & Air

Cooking with gas? Not so fast.

Virtually all of the 1,200 restaurants within Vancouver use natural gas to cook. That includes everyone from the most critically acclaimed kitchens to mom and pop family businesses. With the Updates to the Green Buildings Policy for Rezoning, access to natural gas appliances will become restricted, and that choice will disappear.

Professional kitchens use natural gas, and there is no cost-effective alternative. This type of change would impact everyone, and so we have an entire industry that is uncertain about what's ahead, what this means for us. We are all very concerned.

Ian Tostenson CEO of the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association

How do you feel about these policies and their potential impact?

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How do you feel about these policies and their potential impact?