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 / 02.21.17

100 per cent commitment to zero injuries

It’s important to us that every one of our employees and contractors goes home safely at the end of each workday, whether working in general operations or on one of our construction projects.

It’s all about zero

Zip. Zilch. Zero. That’s the exact number of injuries we’re OK with. In fact, we have a safety philosophy called ‘Target Zero’ that sums up our absolute commitment to making sure employees stay safe.

It’s no accident that Worley Parsons—the main contractor we hired for our Surrey to Coquitlam Natural Gas Pipeline Project—has a similar approach to safety.

It’s about leaders at all levels out walking the sites, talking with their crews, coaching and correcting at-risk behaviour and recognizing and commending safe behaviour. It’s proactive risk control.

Janine Elliott Worley Parsons’ health, safety, security and environment advisor on FortisBC’s Surrey to Coquitlam Natural Gas Pipeline project

Tilbury expansion provides jobs, and a construction site that puts safety first

For our Tilbury LNG facility expansion, apprentices learn through mentorship and rely on teamwork to stay safe. Every contractor and employee we hire must share our commitment to safety—both for themselves as individuals, and the team.

You’re never alone if you ask for help here. Everyone looks out for each other.

Clyde Adams Apprentice warehouseman, Tilbury expansion project

Training first responders across the province

Safety is our first priority, and that means training our own staff, and first responders on how to respond to emergencies involving natural gas.

Our pipeline system has an excellent safety record, and we keep it that way by making sure our equipment is inspected and maintained, and our employees and partners are highly-trained.

FortisBC is a key partner for us in training our members. We will train together, exercise together and respond to incidents in support of the community.

Daniel Derby Kootenay Boundary deputy regional fire chief

How do you feel about our Target Zero commitment?

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How do you feel about our Target Zero commitment?