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 / 02.07.18

Surrey to Coquitlam upgrade project reaches finish line

With tunnels to dig, and roads and highways to cross in all kinds of weather, our 11‐km natural gas line upgrade project has been anything but boring. Now we’re thrilled to announce that construction on the Surrey to Coquitlam project is complete. The upgrade ensures continued safe and reliable service for the 700,000 customers that rely on our Lower Mainland natural gas system. It’s also the largest urban project of its kind in the region in 25 years.

Energy for the future

Construction began in February 2017 on our Surrey to Coquitlam natural gas line. The upgrade increases our capacity so we can meet growing demand from new customers. We’re also now able to do “in‐line” inspections, using state‐of‐the art equipment, to ensure the line’s safety and reliability.

This project was unique in that we rarely construct long lengths of transmission line in the Lower Mainland. The scope, scale and urban location definitely made it more challenging. We had many roads to cross and our work space was limited by close proximity to residences and businesses.

Ian Miki Project Manager, FortisBC

In the know

Throughout this construction project FortisBC had the opportunity to work with our neighbours to strengthen relationships in the community. Although the project had significant impacts to residents, and businesses, we communicated early and often to provide project information and address concerns. We appreciated the patience from the community and the opportunity to work together.

Strengthening relationships in our community

We keep the community up-to-date through construction updates and information on our Talking Energy website. But working directly with impacted residents, and businesses to truly understand their individualized questions and concerns, is what really helps to lessen the impact on the community.

Blake Mansbridge Community Relations Manager, FortisBC

Restoring the landscape

With construction of the upgrade now complete, our attention is shifting to restoring landscaping, and helping make sure our neighbours are happy with the results. FortisBC contractors follow customized restoration plans for each home and business affected by construction, and we’re working closely with the cities of Coquitlam and Surrey to restore municipal areas such as parks.

FortisBC restoring the landscape

FortisBC truly does have the landowner’s interests at heart. They don’t just want things to look the same as before, but want us to go that extra distance, to try to make things look even better than before.

Bruce McTavish President, McTavish Resources & Management Consultants Ltd.

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