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 / 11.24.17

Climate action: How we’re teaming up with the City of Vancouver

FortisBC and the City of Vancouver recently announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to team up on climate action projects, while making sure Vancouver residents continue to enjoy access to natural gas.

The MOU highlights a range of activities over the next five years designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with natural gas as part of the energy mix. Through this agreement, the City of Vancouver and FortisBC are committing to collaborate on solutions to climate change, which include reducing emissions, and increasing investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Energy efficiency

Whether our customers are trying to be energy efficient, or looking for more sustainable solutions, we want to work with them to meet their needs.

This agreement makes it easier for FortisBC to deliver energy efficiency rebates to our customers by aligning with the B.C. Energy Step Code, such as incentives to upgrade to new, higher efficiency natural gas appliances.

With natural gas we get a nice, even temperature. You need that instant heat on, and you need that instant heat off to put out great food.

Jim Romer Owner, Romer’s Burger Bar

Maintaining access to gas, while reducing emissions

Through this agreement, the City of Vancouver and FortisBC believe they can make greater progress on climate action initiatives by working together, while still providing access to natural gas.

The agreement also supports the City of Vancouver in its commitment to improve air quality and reduce GHG emissions in the region by 80 per cent below 2007 levels before 2050, which aligns with BC’s and Canada’s energy and climate goals.

FortisBC signs MOU with City of Vancouver

At FortisBC, we put our customers first, and we are pleased to continue providing them with affordable, natural gas in the City of Vancouver. We understand that Vancouver residents want to shrink their environmental footprints, without impacting affordability.

Roger Dall’Antonia President and CEO, FortisBC

Renewable energy

At FortisBC, we have four operating Renewable Natural Gas facilities that use local waste.

FortisBC and the City of Vancouver are exploring the possibility of working together to develop a supply of carbon-neutral Renewable Natural Gas at the Vancouver Landfill in Delta.

It’s pretty amazing that we can take these organic wastes that would normally just be producing methane that would just gas off into the atmosphere and harvest that methane and produce Renewable Natural Gas.

Pete Schouten Owner, Fraser Valley Biogas

How do you feel about the future of energy in Vancouver?

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