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As a utility, meeting the energy needs of our customers is what FortisBC does every day.

That’s why when our customer Woodfibre LNG asked us if we could deliver natural gas to them, we began to explore how and proposed the Eagle Mountain – Woodfibre Gas Pipeline (EGP) Project. And we also started talking with the community right away.

The proposed Eagle Mountain Gas Pipeline will expand a portion of our existing natural gas transmission system, which was built in 1990 to serve Squamish, the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island.

It involves adding about 47 kilometres of new pipe, beginning north of the Coquitlam watershed and ending at the proposed Woodfibre industrial site. You can learn more about the separate proposed Woodfibre LNG project here.

Quick facts about the Eagle Mountain – Woodfibre Gas Pipeline

Rigorous environmental reviews

For more than two years, we’ve been meeting with local residents, community groups, First Nations, stakeholders, local government and the regulators to gather and incorporate feedback into our environmental assessment application.

On June 24, 2016, Squamish Nation Chiefs and Council voted to approve the project.

On August 9, 2016, the provincial government issued an Environmental Assessment Certificate for the project.

Our focus now will be to incorporate the conditions as we continue our detailed design of the project. We will also continue engaging with Aboriginal groups, local stakeholders and the community as we move forward with the next phase of planning and permitting. 

Soil sampling is conducted along the Squamish River.

2016 environmental research

Read our 2016 Environmental research plan.

This fall, we’re conducting soil sampling and environmental research along the Squamish River across from Spit Road to help us avoid unplanned surface disturbances during construction and ensure the safe operation of the proposed pipeline.

This kind of geotechnical investigation allows us to drill narrow, vertical holes to obtain information about the layers of soil beneath the surface. After the investigation, the area is restored.

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The proposed route

Generally, the pipeline expansion will follow the existing gas pipeline route because it’s the most environmentally sound option and limits new disturbances to the environment.

In some cases, following the existing route entirely will not be possible. We will always try to minimize impact and respond to feedback. Examples include:

  • Achieving the shortest possible route and the smallest overall footprint
  • Accommodating pipeline watercourse crossings
  • Incorporating First Nations, landowner and stakeholder input
  • Avoiding known archaeological or heritage sites
  • Avoiding sensitive terrain and environmental areas

The decision on the route isn’t final – we are continuing to engage with stakeholders, communities and First Nations to refine the route so that it works for as many groups as possible, while also being safe and efficient.

Jobs and procurement opportunities

FortisBC wants to maximize the benefit of our projects in the community. Opportunities to create local jobs, opportunities for aboriginal communities and other local economic benefits always shape our approach to our projects.

If you’re interested in providing goods or services for any of our current projects, or for future opportunities, please complete the Contractors and Vendors form.

“Everyone who visits Squamish immediately appreciates the natural beauty of the area. FortisBC has taken this into consideration by planning safe methods of construction to minimize disruption to birds and wildlife. This project is about making our community stronger and sustainable – both environmentally and economically.” – Colin Geddes, Tom Harris Cellular, Squamish

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