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Q&A: How will FortisBC show climate leadership and go carbon neutral?

We support the BC government’s Climate Action initiative, and have worked closely with them over the last several years to develop programs that assist them in achieving their goals. Learn more about the projects we have underway.

Natural gas causes significant releases of methane and CO2. Will Fortis show climate leadership and go carbon neutral, and source more clean energy to help offset increases in Greenhouse Gas emissions?

Tim S. Victoria

Thanks for your question, Tim.

Natural gas is one of the cleanest-burning fossil fuels available, and will help BC meet its future emissions reduction targets. FortisBC has recently submitted emission-reduction recommendations to the BC government for its Climate Leadership Plan, and we’re actively engaged in developing innovative programs and projects to reduce emissions. These include:

  • Renewable natural gas - For customers seeking a carbon-neutral energy source, we work with B.C. farmers and municipalities to capture biogas from agricultural waste and landfill sites. The biogas is purified and injected into our natural gas system.
  • Energy-efficiency programs - These programs help consumers save money and reduce their environmental footprint, as well as generating jobs in energy management, trades, equipment manufacturing and more.
  • Natural gas for transportation - Commercial transportation is responsible for 24 per cent of BC’s greenhouse gas emissions. Converting vehicles from gasoline or diesel to liquefied natural gas (LNG) or compressed natural gas (CNG) has proven to be an effective way to reduce emissions and grow BC’s economy. Thanks to FortisBC’s incentive program for commercial fleets, BC has more natural gas vehicles on the road than any other province.
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