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Q&A: Do you have discount hours for optimum energy use?

We’re committed to helping customers save energy in their homes through conservation advice, tools and financial incentives.

Does FortisBC have discount hours for optimum energy use? I still put the dishwasher on after 9pm. I also don't wash clothes between 5 - 7pm. Is there a particular day/time period when rates are lower?

Sheila O. Kelowna

Thanks for your question, Sheila. 

Your rate stays the same regardless of when you use your energy. We do encourage customers to use less energy which is why we have a residential conservation rate, a two block rate structure designed by the BC Utilities Commission and FortisBC to help encourage energy conservation.

Essentially, it provides incentives if you use less electricity. The first 1,600 kWh you use bimonthly are charged at a lower rate than the previous flat rate. Your electricity use above this amount is then billed at a higher rate.

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