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Q&A: What are your plans to help Canada and BC meet their 80x50 targets?

What are you plans to help Canada and BC meet their 80x50 targets?


Thank you for your question! At the Paris Climate Change Conference in 2015, leaders committed to decreasing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent by 2050. FortisBC supports the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining affordability, energy choices, and consistency across the province. Our views are aligned with the principles of the BC government’s step code for buildings, which envisions for natural gas to be part of the energy mix.


We’re proud to offer many programs that help our customers reduce their energy use, and over the last three years we have invested more than $80 million in our wide range of efficiency rebates and energy-saving incentive programs. We believe we can continue to grow these programs and help our customers reduce their local emissions, while saving money on their monthly energy bills.


Consumer choice has also driven energy innovation for many years, including the development of offerings such as Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). This innovative, emerging energy source is carbon-neutral and derived from agricultural and landfill waste. We’re proud to be the first utility in North America to create a RNG program for our customers. While we are proactively seeking new sources of RNG supply, developing new partnerships and facilities takes time.

We’ve also been expanding our offerings into the transportation market, and a significant portion of emissions in B.C. come from that market. We now have vehicles and vessels in operation that are powered by either compressed natural gas or liquefied natural gas. Together, these save about 74,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Each of these programs could greatly benefit municipalities across the province in their efforts to reduce emissions.

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