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Fast facts: Vancouver to Coquitlam Upgrade project

Did you know?

  • The Vancouver to Coquitlam natural gas line was built in 1958.
  • This part of our natural gas system supplies natural gas to more than 210,000 customers.
  • The Vancouver to Coquitlam Ugrade project will replace a 20-kilometre section of our existing 20-inch gas line with 30-inch steel gas line.
  • We’ll also replace 300 meters of gas line in South Vancouver to increase seismic stability.
  • The steel gas line for the South Vancouver upgrade is specially designed to meet specific geotechnical and seismic requirements.
  • This upgrade will cross 13 streams/creeks. In-stream work is only required for three of these crossings and an environmental monitor will be present at all times.
  • Environmental monitors inspect all construction sites, and provide reports, on a weekly basis.
  • We estimate the overall capital cost of this project will be $255 million.
  • This upgrade project is creating job opportunities for local and Aboriginal businesses. More than $13.2 million has already been spent with 46 local vendors and suppliers.
  • The project crosses the traditional territory of 21 different Aboriginal communities.

Meet project manager Melanie

Senior project manager Melanie describes the Vancouver to Coquitlam natural gas line upgrade project.

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