06.27.19 / Community

Como Lake Avenue feature businesses

Local shops and services are open during our gas line upgrade work on Como Lake Avenue in Coquitlam. We’re featuring some of these community favourites on our Talking Energy website. Here’s a quick snapshot of five businesses we’ve already highlighted. They all love what they do and want you to know that they’re ready to welcome you.

Doppio Zero Pizza

The secret to creating a Napoletana pizza crust that rivals what you’d expect to find in Naples is to make it with a very special flour, says Enrique Quiroga, owner of Doppio Zero Pizza.

“The flour we use to make our dough is Tipo 00, an extremely finely milled flour also known as Doppio Zero,” he says. “We wanted to highlight the impact of this unique Italian flour in the texture and flavour of our pizza Napoletana, so we named our pizzeria after it.”

Doppio Zero regulars keep coming back for the restaurant’s authentic Italian cuisine served in a cosy bistro ambiance, says Enrique.

Visit Doppio Zero Pizza at 1655 Como Lake Avenue, Coquitlam. Browse the restaurant’s menu online.

Doppio Zero Pizza owner standing outside pizzeria


We love to see our guests come back again and again to enjoy our food and drinks, and have fun socializing with their neighbours.

Enrique Quiroga Owner, Doppio Zero Pizza

Vitacare Dental Centre

The team at Vitacare Dental Centre takes pride in providing quality general dental care for the whole family, says co-owner Dr. Alex Wong, but one of the most rewarding experiences is remaking a patient’s smile.

“When you can take a person who was so embarrassed about their teeth they refused to smile for photographs to the point they’re walking out to the front desk absolutely beaming because they’re so happy, it’s a special moment,” he says.

In addition to general dental care, the team offers a broad range of advanced solutions and techniques including implants, gum surgery and clear-aligner treatment.

Visit Vitacare Dental Centre at 1655 Como Lake Avenue, Coquitlam and read more about the centre’s services.

Vita Care Dental owner


Watching patients leave the office with a big smile on their face and hearing them express their gratitude is always a great day. We’re all reminded why we do what we do.

Alex Wong Co-owner, Vitacare Dental Centre

Your Dollar Store With More

After nine years in business, Vivian Dryburgh, owner of Your Dollar Store With More, says she and her husband Pat know a thing or two about what their customers are looking for: a well-organized, well-stocked store—with a variety of popular items for special occasions.

“We have decor and giftware for most holidays and celebrations-even hard-to-find items for events such as Cinco de Mayo and Mardi Gras,” says Vivian.

The store’s wide selection of items for graduations, birthdays, weddings and anniversaries means Vivian and Pat have had a chance to play a small part in celebrating those special milestones, and develop relationships, with many long-time customers.

Visit Your Dollar Store With More at 146-1960 Como Lake Avenue, Coquitlam and follow it on Facebook.

Vivian Dryburgh, owner of Your Dollar Store With More


Our customers are the most important thing. We’re part of the community and we look for ways to support it.

Vivian Dryburgh Owner, Dollar Store With More

Como Lake Optical

The old saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” came true for Jeff Steinkey when he followed in his father’s footsteps to become a licensed optician, then purchased an established optical business within the Como Lake neighbourhood where he grew up.

Jeff takes pride in serving the neighbourhood clientele, many of whom were clients of the original owner. He admits that stylish eye-wear, cutting-edge lenses and great service aren’t the only reasons customers stop by.  They also come in to see Pablo—a friendly, seven-pound Maltese Yorkie mix terrier. “Pablo is kind of famous around here. He gets more visitors than I do,” he jokes.

Visit Jeff, Pablo and Como Lake Optical at 136-1960 Como Lake Avenue, Coquitlam, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Jeff Steinkey, Owner, Como Lake Optical with pup, Pablo


Our many long-time customers come back because of our hands-on, personal service. We help customers find the perfect frame so they look great, while also providing the best lenses for their vision needs.

Jeff Steinkey Owner, Como Lake Optical

Como Lake Chiropractic

When Dr. Arvin Bahri was preparing to open his natural health-care clinic, he had a vision of providing local families with more than just treatment for health-care concerns—he wanted to help them better understand their health and give them the tools to live a healthy, happy life.

Arvin opened Como Lake Chiropractic—a family oriented, kid-friendly clinic—with a team of energetic natural health-care professionals who shared his vision and desire to focus on quality patient care with an emphasis on education.

Besides chiropractic, the clinic also offers massage therapy and acupuncture. “Each therapy has a particular focus and strength and can be used on its own, or in combination,” says Arvin.

Visit Como Lake Chiropractic at 101-1960 Como Lake Avenue, Coquitlam, or get more information online.

Dr. Arvin Bahri, owner Como Lake Chiropractic


Effective care includes making sure the patient understands what’s going on with their body. Whoever the patient sees first at our clinic—after we each do our own thorough evaluation—we can definitely work together so that the patient can get the best results.

Dr. Arvin Bahri Owner, Como Lake Chiropractic