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Delta welding company proud to employ locals on Tilbury expansion

Jim Longo began welding with his father in their garage when he was 12 years old.

After completing two welding certificates in high school, he went on to study metallurgical technology at BCIT. While there, he remembers seeing a welding truck that really impressed him. Jim says, “It had all the bells and whistles. I really wanted to get one for myself.”

Over the next year, Jim scraped enough money together to buy a basic welding truck and get it on the road. Jim launched Ideal Welders in 1969 while still working out of his father’s garage. After seven years on his own he began to expand, gradually adding employees and trucks until, says Jim, “I had seven trucks and seven employees working for me. It was definitely time to move out of the garage.”

Jim and his truck


More than 40 years later, with Jim as president, Ideal Welders employs 132, occupies a combined 210,000 square feet of space in two shops on Annacis Island and provides industry-leading welding solutions for a range of industries. Despite working on projects all over the world, they consider themselves “the local pressure piping people.” 

I’m proudest of keeping locals employed on projects close to home.

Jim Longo Founder and president, Ideal Welders

FortisBC’s Tilbury LNG Expansion is one of them. We awarded Ideal Welders the job to fabricate an intricate piping system for the expansion and also assist with the on-site installation.

The Tilbury Expansion project has provided significant local economic and employment benefits across the region. Ideal Welders is one of 140 companies from 10 local communities that have benefited. The project has provided work for more than 870 tradespeople. Jim says Ideal Welders was able to keep more than 60 local workers employed on the project for over two years.

Jim Longo Ideal Welders


The downturn in the oil sands has hurt many Canadian companies, the FortisBC Tilbury LNG expansion has kept us busy. It’s allowed our staff to work close to home and contribute to B.C.’s economy.

Jim Longo Founder and president, Ideal Welders

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