11.29.17 / Energy innovation

Showcasing our LNG operations at Riverfest

Showcasing our LNG operations at Riverfest festival.

RiverFest is a great opportunity for FortisBC to educate kids about energy safety and conservation with its Energy is Awesome booth.  This year our involvement extended to the industry tour of the Fraser docks, which showed visitors what an important role the Fraser River plays in industry in the Lower Mainland.

Families were treated to a boat ride from New Westminster Quay to Fraser Surrey Docks, where they got up close to some of the massive vessels on display.

This was the perfect opportunity to talk to industrial players or partners about FortisBC’s operations on the Fraser River, particularly our marine bunkering service and LNG storage facilities. In keeping with the theme of The Working River, our bunkering video drew lots of interest, says Joanne Hunton-Sehdev, community and aboriginal relations liaison for FortisBC.

We also had a lot of questions about our Tilbury Expansion project, LNG and why natural gas line upgrades are important and necessary!

Joanne Hunton-Sehdev Community and Aboriginal Relations Liaison, FortisBC

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