Pattullo Gas Line Replacement work in Burnaby

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Construction on the Pattullo Gas Line Replacement in Burnaby kicked off in November 2021. This spring and summer we’ll be working near Burnaby Lake and Robert Burnaby Park, which will mean traffic and parking disruptions. Whether you’re playing on the local fields, heading out on the water or taking your dog for a walk – it’s important to “know before you go” and give yourself a little extra time to get where you’re going. Here’s what you need to know about the project and the work going on in your community. 

Working near Burnaby Lake and Robert Burnaby Park

Work will occur along Sperling Avenue, Glencarin Drive, Lakefield Drive and 4th Street. To allow our crews the space they need to work safely and as quickly as possible, there will be impacts to roads and parking along the route and traffic delays will occur.

All parks and sports facilities in the area will remain open and accessible during construction. However, you may need to access them a little differently. Allow a little extra time to get where you’re going, and plan your trip ahead.

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We appreciate the community’s patience while work is underway.

Pattullo gas line replacement project map

We understand how frustrating disruptions due to construction can be. We’re working with members of the community and other stakeholders to minimize them as much as possible. We encourage the community to contact us with their questions or concerns any time.

Will Hyde

community relations manager, Pattullo Gas Line Replacement project

Why we’re installing a replacement gas line in Burnaby

We’re building six kilometres of gas line in Burnaby this year to replace a line that is attached to the Pattullo Bridge. The Pattullo Bridge is being replaced by the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, and the Ministry’s design standards don’t allow us to put a gas line on the new bridge.

This line is a vital part of our system, helping supply more than 35,000 homes and businesses in Burnaby, Coquitlam and New Westminster with the gas they rely on every day.

Construction is expected to be complete by late 2022. This project has been approved by our regulator, the British Columbia Utilities Commission and is endorsed by the City of Burnaby.  

We’ve partnered with the City of Burnaby to design and build a new cycling and walking path along the route to provide a lasting local benefit for the community once construction is complete.

Burnaby skyline with blue sky and snow capped mountains in the background

We developed a traffic management plan for the Pattullo Gas Line Replacement project as part of the overall project plan to help ensure we could complete construction safely and efficiently while minimizing impacts to the community.

Ava Li

traffic engineer, Pattullo Gas Line Replacement project
Woman wearing a safety vest stands at the edge of a lake looking down

Working in an environmentally responsible way

When we began planning the route for the Pattullo project, protecting Burnaby’s environmentally sensitive areas was top of mind. Early on in the planning process, we developed an environmental management plan to protect the sensitive watercourses and green spaces along the route, as well as the fish and wildlife living there and their habitat. 

For example, we designed the route so that the gas line will be located mostly within existing paved surfaces and trails. By staying out of greenspaces as much as we can, minimizing the size of our temporary workspaces and the number of water crossings we have to do, we’re reducing our impact as much as possible. 

multi-use paved pathway lined with trees

Our environmental experts are always on the lookout for protected nests, such as eagle nests, and other wildlife before clearing work begins, and they continue to monitor for nests and wildlife during construction.

When it’s time to restore the areas where we worked, our restoration plan includes removing invasive and noxious species near our worksites and replacing them with native trees and shrubs.

Read the full story about how we are protecting environmentally sensitive areas as part of this project.

We know how important these watercourses and greenspaces are to residents of Burnaby and neighbouring communities. We want to make sure we’re minimizing our environmental footprint. Ideally, we want the results of our restoration to appear as though we were never there.

Caroline Astley

environment manager, Pattullo Gas Line Replacement project