Respectful Community Conduct Line

The Eagle Mountain – Woodfibre Gas Pipeline (EGP) Project and FortisBC have a strong commitment to integrity, ethical conduct, community relations, and safety. The EGP Project Worker Code of Conduct has been established to set out the standard of conduct expected of everyone engaged in work related to the construction of the EGP Project.

What is the Respectful Community Conduct Line?

The Respectful Community Conduct Line is a third-party reporting line for any member of the public to call or email about alleged conduct by an EGP Project worker occurring within the Indian River Watershed area and a 10-kilometre area around the District of Squamish in violation of the After Hours and Respect for Community section of the EGP Project Worker Code of Conduct, including harassment or violence. 

To make a report

The following two methods may be used to disclose information or make a complaint to the third-party service provider:

By telephone

The Respectful Community Conduct Line is not for emergencies. If you have an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

Who is Rubin Thomlinson LLP and what is their role?

FortisBC has retained Rubin Thomlinson LLP, a law firm with extensive experience and a concentrated focus on investigation, to provide professional, trauma-informed intake and investigation services related to the After Hours and Respect for Community section of the EGP Project Worker Code of Conduct. This may include intake of calls and emails related to verbal harassment, sexual harassment or violence, gender-based violence, or other forms of disrespectful conduct.

Rubin Thomlinson will respond to voicemail or email messages within 24 business hours (Eastern Time) on business days to schedule an intake phone call. In the initial voicemail or email, a member of the public should provide their name, phone number and email address; a brief summary of their concern(s) as it relates to the After Hours and Respect for Community section of the EGP Project Worker Code of Conduct; where and when the alleged incident occurred; and who was involved. Alternately, they may just leave their contact information and can share further details during the subsequent intake phone call with Rubin Thomlinson.

Rubin Thomlinson will keep information provided as part of this process confidential, except as necessary to facilitate an investigation, report to FortisBC, where it receives information involving a minor, imminent violence, imminent self-harm, or as may be required to be disclosed by applicable law.

A member of the public may contact Rubin Thomlinson anonymously; however, it may be difficult to fully investigate.

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