Safety: At the core of everything we do

Two men stand on a platform overlooking the Tilbury LNG facility
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At FortisBC, we are committed to safety and security of the public, our employees, the environment, and our systems. It’s not a commitment we take lightly and our employees work every day to deliver on it – from adhering to our rigorous safety practices and plans to maintaining our gas lines to the highest possible standard.

The result is a natural gas system with an excellent safety record. It’s a record we’re proud of and always working to maintain, because we know that investing today is crucial to keeping the energy flowing – safely and reliably – tomorrow.

Safety through technology

We are currently upgrading our gas lines in BC’s Northern, Interior and Kootenay regions to enhance our ability to carry out proactive maintenance as part of our Inland Gas Upgrades project. These upgrades will allow us to use in-line inspection tools and gather detailed information about the condition of our gas lines so we are able to better plan and manage maintenance.

In order to run this equipment in our system, we need to ensure clear passage for these tools and this means replacing valves and other fittings, as well as reducing bends in the lines. 

Work began in 2020 and is expected to continue over the next four years. Overall, this project will upgrade 29 of our existing natural gas lines with work taking place in the Northern, Thompson-Okanagan, Cariboo and Kootenay regions of BC.

FortisBC workers conduct in-line inspections on our system in Penticton in 2018.
Similar in-line inspections taking place on our system in Penticton in 2018.
project director, Inland Gas Upgrades project

Safety at our facilities

Our Tilbury liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility in Delta, BC has been operating safely for 50 years. We take this record seriously, ensuring we regularly conduct safety and seismic inspections at Tilbury and all FortisBC facilities. But we do more than inspections. We proactively ensure our facilities, including Tilbury, meet or exceed government and industry codes and standards

For example, our 2018 expansion at the Tilbury LNG facility was done with an eye to the potential risks from seismic events like earthquakes and floods. The expansion included construction of an above-ground full containment storage tank that has become an industry standard and can withstand anticipated flood levels. We also enhanced the dyke in the area where the Tilbury LNG facility site meets the Fraser River, through increasing the crest elevation and improving the dyke's stability during a seismic event using stone columns and piles.

Workers with their backs to the camera at the Tilbury LNG facility
project director, Tilbury LNG implementation

Safety enhancements through upgraded gas meter technology

We are planning to upgrade our gas meters to new advanced meters, as we work to modernize the system we use to deliver natural gas to our more than one million customers. The existing meter technology used in BC hasn’t fundamentally changed in more than 100 years. Advanced gas meters will use sound waves to measure gas use and send it to us over a wireless network.

The new meters will allow us to add new safety features, such as the ability to remotely detect and respond to gas leaks including in the event of an emergency. 

We’re in the process of applying to our regulator the British Columbia Utilities Commission and – if approved – plan to start upgrading customer gas meters in 2023.

A worker replaces an existing FortisBC meter with an advanced gas meter
director, energy measurement and technology